About Us

Our Mission

At Shomrai Preschool, we are dedicated to facilitating the spiritual, educational, emotional and physical development of preschool aged children in our community.

We view and engage our students as capable learners who thrive when offered guided play and inquiry-based learning. Every child is considered a gift from Hashem and is treated with utmost respect and high regard.

Using the most current, and research-based educational information, we are committed to working with every individual child to maximize their joy, curiosity, and potential during these significant years of exponential growth and development.

We believe that we fulfill our mission by providing our children and families with a warm, and loving Torah-centered environment, in which children are imbued with the love of Hashem, Torah values, Mitzvot, Middot, Chaggim, Tefillot and Brachot, Parsha, Ivrit and Eretz Yisrael. These most fundamental Torah values are our sustaining source from which the children in our program learn social skills, critical thinking, express their questions and creativity in a collaborative and supportive learning community.

Our Staff

A message from
Director Suri Kinzbrunner

As the Director of Shomrai Preschool, I am so fortunate to lead such a warm, innovative, community-centered preschool. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with such talented, dedicated teachers and to partner with our wonderful parents in providing the optimal educational experience for our youngest community members. Our goal is to make learning a joyful process and experience, to create positive memories and associations for our children as a foundation for a lifetime of love for Hashem, Torah, learning, and life. 

I look forward to welcoming you to the Shomrai Preschool Family! 

Suri Kinzbrunner

Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum

Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum is the Rav of Young Israel Shomrai Emunah of Greater Washington, and we are fortunate to have him as a consistent presence for our students. 

Rabbi Rosenbaum visits all of our classes weekly on Fridays to learn about the Parsha, including a question and answer session with the Pre-K students. We believe that it is very special that our students form a relationship with Rabbi Rosenbaum from such a young age!

You can listen to R’ Rosenbaum’s lecture, “Perspectives on Raising a Jewish Child, Pitfalls and Challenges of Everyday Living,” by clicking HERE.

The Anna Rutner Memorial Fund

In loving memory and in recognition of Morah Anna Rutner’s significant contributions to Young Israel Shomrai Emunah Preschool  and our community, we created a fund in her name. Morah Anna was passionate about professional development and was an advocate on behalf of all children. She very much believed that early intervention enables all children to reach their full potential and to succeed. The funds are used to help identify and support children with special needs, as well as providing funding for professional development for our educators. The Anna Rutner Memorial Fund furthers the goals of our school and the Jewish community by assisting Shomrai Preschool in fulfilling its commitment to meet all the needs of the children enrolled in the program. Shomrai Preschool strives to maintain the highest quality standards and programming with the goal of inclusion of students with special needs whenever possible.

To contribute, please note Anna Rutner Fund in the “Add Special Instructions to the Seller” section.

Come for a visit!

You’re invited to come visit the school and learn more about what makes Shomrai such a special place.